Handmade Artisan Cheese In Wisconsin

Authentic Wisconsin-made Cheese

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Many cheese companies claim to sell authentic American-made cheese when in reality their product is outsourced from all over the world. Union Star Cheese produces high-quality, authentic cheese curdled right here in the cheese capital of America. Our cheese is made entirely from locally sourced milk to ensure premium cleanliness, better quality, and that true natural taste you know and love. We produce a wide variety of authentic cheese. Our offerings include dozens of American, European, and Cheddar cheese options in addition to our flavored muenster and specialty cheeses.

The Union Star cheesemaking process is designed to ensure the highest quality cheese that other companies can’t provide. We are so proud of our cheese that we want to share our authentic American cheese-making process with you! We invite you to come in for a tour and watch us make our famous, authentic cheese. During the tour, you’re encouraged to taste some of our most popular options, all for free! 

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Cheesemaking in Fremont, Wisconsin

Handcrafted Wisconsin Cheese


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This has been my favorite place to buy cheese for years.


This has been my favorite place to buy cheese for years. Great variety of cheeses, all made fresh. Prices are good. I especially like the extra sharp cheddar cheese.

- Katie Reimer