Cheesemaking in Fremont, Wisocnsin

Frequently Asked Questions

For over generations, we've been perfecting Wisconsin cheesemaking. See the fruits of our labor (or, the curds & strings of our craft) at the Union Star Cheese Factory in Fremont (30 minutes west of Appleton) or the Willow Creek Creamery in Berlin (30 minutes west of Oshkosh).  Tours are always free but be warned, you will never again be wholly satisfied by textures and flavors below the good stuff. 

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When do you make cheese?

At Union Star, we make cheese 5 days a week beginning at 4 AM.

How can I become a cheesemaker?

Interested in becoming a cheesemaker? Start your journey by completing these three steps:

1. Take a one-week course in cheesemaking at the University of Wisconsin Madison to learn about testing and grading of milk, analysis of cheese for composition, and judging of actual samples of cheese

2. Spend 12 months as an apprentice under a licensed cheesemaker

3. Pass a state written examination to become a certified cheesemaker