Artisan cheese factory in Fremont, Wisconsin near Appleton

Union Star Cheese Factory in Fremont, WI

30 minutes west of Appleton

My wife, Jan, and I bought Union Star from Great Aunt Edna in 1980. I had a degree in accounting and, just like my Great Grand Uncle, wanted to run my own business. The family tradition of independent cheesemaking carried the day and we’ve been here ever since. Today, our son is also part of the Union Star story.

Over the years, we’ve added new cheeses to our line and obtained new equipment. Our dedication to quality, however, has remained the same. We still purchase top-quality milk from local dairy farms and turn it into premium cheeses.

If you’d like to taste some of the finest Wisconsin cheeses, see a real cheese factory in operation, or learn more about how cheese is made, come on in and see us (tour hours).

We look forward to seeing you!
Dave Metzig

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Family-owned cheese company in Wisconsin

This place is truly outstanding.


This place is truly outstanding. The service is great and the product is second to none. There are certain products we simply won't purchase anywhere else.

Their samples have introduced us to many great-tasting cheeses that we now use for a variety of dishes.

- Jon Schmirler

Crafting Our Artisan Cheese

Cheese is made by curdling pasteurized milk using a combination of rennet and “good” bacteria. Bacteria acidify the milk and help to define the texture and flavor of the cheese. Different styles and flavors of cheese form using milk with different levels of butterfat, different kinds of “good bacteria” and additional ingredients, and the aging conditions (time, temperature, humidity, etc.) used. For a few kinds of cheese, the milk is curdled by adding acids such as vinegar or lemon juice. Most cheeses, however, are acidified by “good bacteria,” which turn milk sugars into lactic acid. Curdling is completed by adding an enzyme mixture called “rennet.” Once it is finished, it can be formed into differently sized wheels or bars for aging. Cheeses may also be dipped in wax for preservation.

Reading how cheese is made is good. Seeing the cheesemaking process in person is priceless!

Factory Tours

Cheese Curds, String Cheese, Muensters, and Cheddars, We Have Cheese For Any Pallete.   

Visit our cheese catalog to see the entire selection of cheeses made At Union Star. We invite you to visit our factory, take a tour, and taste some of the finest cheeses anywhere!

Get a Free Factory Tour

If you are interested in touring our factory, we offer tours every day of the week except Sundays. Come on in and see the process of cheesemaking happen right in front of you! After your tour, stick around and try some of our freshly made cheeses you saw being made. Come on in and see us at the Union Star Cheese Factory in Fremont, WI.

Union Star Cheese produces quality Wisconsin cheese made by our Fremont cheesemakers. We make our cheeses 5 days a week starting at 4:00 AM. Our cheeses are always fresh for you. On Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we make our renowned cheddar cheese and cheese curds. On Tuesdays, our Fremont location produces Mozzarella string cheese. This location is 5 miles southeast of Fremont, WI. Come in and taste the quality cheesemaking yourself.

Cheesemaking in Fremont, Wisconsin

Visit our Cheese Factory in Fremont, WI

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